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Microarrays miRNA - 20-11-13

Le CRB GADIE a mis en place une nouvelle application d'analyse de miRNA sur microarrays Agilent...

Fragment Analyzer - 14-11-13

Un nouvel instrument destiné à l'évaluation de la qualité des ADN vient d'être installé au CRB GADIE...



The Biological Resources Centre dedicated to livestock genomics has a double-objective related to livestock genomics:

  1. To maintain and valorize DNA collections.
  2. To prospect, develop and distribute high throughput genomics tools.

CRB GADIE conserves 2.5 millions BAC and cDNA clones for eight species including pig, chicken, cattle, trout, horse, rabbit, goat and sheep.

Until 2001, our team has set up protocols, automates and LIMS to manage and screen libraries in optimal and secure conditions. More than 150 worldwide laboratories have been using INRA libraries thanks to CRB GADIE activities.

Until 2004, CRB GADIE produced and distributed generic cDNA and oligonucleotide microarrays dedicated to pig, cattle, chicken and trout species.

In addition to a generic activity on clone management and chip production, CRB GADIE is involved in the development of promising new tools and methods such as genomic tiling arrays and sequence enrichment of targeted genomic regions by capture on oligonucleotide microarrays

Collections under construction
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  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Trout
  • ...
  • BAC-YAC clones
  • cDNAs
  • Oligos
  • Genomic collections
  • DNA chips
  • Equipment sharing
  • Technological development
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  • New technologies
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